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Financial Mentoring Service offers free financial mentoring, budgeting

advice/financial plan and skills for individuals and families in the Whakatane District.


The aim of our service is to educate people to manage their finances effectively and to empower them so that they can develop their own plan to better manage their money.

Our Financial Mentors can advocate and talk on behalf of their clients to people whom they may owe money, to sort out a manageable payment plan. We offer a range of services from crisis advice, advocacy to comprehensive on-going financial

mentoring and budgeting advice.

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible to receive financial mentoring/ budgeting advice from Financial Mentoring Service regardless of their personal situation.

Experienced Financial Mentors

All our Financial Mentors undergo extensive and on-going training.

Privacy and Confidential

A strict standard is adhered to, to uphold the professionalism of the Building

Financial Capability Sector and the requirements of the Privacy Act.


‘Money Mates’

We can provide one-on-one Financial Mentoring and/or Money Mates group facilitation training.

Please phone our office on 07 307 1390 to find out what might be available in your area or to organise a Money Mates program tailored for your group.


How much does your training cost?

Our training session are all FREE. All we require is for participants to commit their time and enthusiasm.

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Bills piling up? can’t come up with the money you need?, sinking into more debt?, it can be a relief to know that there’s someone who can help you. People from all walks of life different circumstance can find themselves in financial hardship.

We offer FREE, confidential and non-judgmental advice by trained financial mentors.

Make an appointment now to come and discuss your situation with one of our friendly and helpful financial mentors.

Our financial mentors can guide and support you through your tough financial circumstances, liaise with creditors on your behalf, and connect you with other organisations that can help.

We may even help you to manage your bank accounts until your finances are under control.

Need more details?

We are here to help. 

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